Karim Lahrichi

Who am I

I’m an actuary based in Montreal, Canada, but I’m originally from Morocco. I work for a property & casualty insurance company, and more often than not, I love my job. I don’t get to program in R at work, which is a shame, and because of that I’ve started to throw my random ideas in this blog.

My interests

I love programming, and I see it as a way of expressing myself. This is why I love to code/play music with SonicPi, and I’m also learning to program in python  by trying to create beautiful visuals in Processing.

I’m also passionate about data and predictive modelling.



  1. Hello !
    Once I’ve finished the RMarkdown, I use the knit function from knitr package, which creates a .md file. You can then simply paste the contents of the .md in the html view (assuming you have enabled markdown support in wordpress).
    Good luck 🙂


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